Interior design

The advantages of a veranda

The construction of a veranda is the ideal solution to optimize a living space and create an extension to your house. A veranda allows you to enjoy the light and to spend good moments on your terrace in any season…

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How to design your living room?

The living room is the centerpiece of a house. It deserves a particular care whether it is in terms of decoration or in the functional field. Designing a living room requires a study of the room’s configuration. Does it have…

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How to design your kitchen?

Everyone dreams of a beautiful, functional and well-designed kitchen, because it is a convivial place in the house where we often spend a lot of time. A well-designed kitchen is pleasant to live in and has a great impact on…

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Which home automation product should I choose for my home?

Currently, there are several innovative equipments that are mainly used to allow the public to ensure comfort and security in their homes. These equipments are becoming more and more reliable and advanced and can perfectly fit in your homes. Home…

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