How to build a connected house?

More and more people want to have a home that reflects the digital age. Living in a connected home is no longer a fantasy or an illusion, it is a reality. It is now possible to build a connected home. All well secured and at a lower cost and this since 2017.

Identify your needs

Building a connected house takes time, because it is necessary to define well its expectations and needs vis-à-vis the house of our dreams and especially if this one is connected or as we say intelligent. What help it will have to provide. What protection? Or what level of energy saving it should provide on a daily basis and in the long term. Without forgetting that it must respond precisely to our way of functioning on a daily basis. For example, the layout of all the sensors, which will have a different layout if we have pets or not. The grouping of our expectations will allow the professional to guide you on the right choices of components and layout or use of space.

Thinking about assistance

Overall, the connected home system itself has been redesigned and thought out to be simpler. But if necessary, it is possible to resort to special assistance. This can be done remotely or at home. There is a special assistance clause in the construction contracts. If it is not offered by the manufacturer, it will be offered by the component manufacturers or the creators of the operating software. It is useful to specify that even if the various accessories of the house are not of the same brand, the main thing is that they are compatible with the central operating system. That it responds to the plug and play system.

Security and voice option

Since we are talking about a digital system and not an analog one, it is very important that the whole construction is totally secure. That the device is safe from any malicious intrusion. To do this, you must ensure that the home network is secure. Make sure that your password is regularly updated. And regularly have the whole system evaluated by a professional. And don't forget that the system has a voice command and emergency stop mode control or navigation. Without forgetting the choice of the configuration of the operating system of the house which must be the most secure.
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