How to design your living room?

The living room is the centerpiece of a house. It deserves a particular care whether it is in terms of decoration or in the functional field. Designing a living room requires a study of the room's configuration. Does it have a large space? How is its shape: square, rectangle ... It is necessary to take into account all these parameters in order to carry out its project of arrangement. The living room is the multifunctional living room. It is a place where we like to rest, where we welcome our guests and where we spend more time to read, to discuss with family. That said, opt for furniture and floors that combine practicality and aesthetics.

Take care of the light in the room

It is quite reasonable to adjust the brightness of a living room during an interior design. The reason is simple: this is the room where we play, where we read our favorite books and magazines and it is the ideal place to relax. For example, you can favor light colors to give a feeling of space and especially to let the daylight reflect in an optimal way. Multiply the light fixtures to improve the quality of view in the evening.

Arrange the furniture according to the configuration of your living room

To arrange its living room, think also about the location of your furniture (sofa, sideboard ...). They must not interfere with the circulation. To gain space, install the sofa against a wall. If your living room has a fireplace, place the sofa and seats around creating a space of conviviality. For a small living room, choose a coffee table with multiple uses to store your books and newspapers. Regarding the choice of the carpet, it depends entirely on the shape of your living room. A rounded rug works well with a square living room to create the right mix of visual effects.

Personalize the decor for a friendly space

Decorating is an important step or you will find yourself in a depressing room. In fact, choose the decorative accessories that help make your living room more beautiful. A centerpiece enhances the view as soon as you enter the room. Decorate your living room according to your taste to have a delightful time. Choose the colors you love, add flowers and vases to match the theme. For vintage decor, go for old ornaments like a dated wall watch.
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