Annonces d’immobilier neuf en Bretagne

Real estate promoters, specialists in the field of bedding, are present everywhere in France, especially in Brittany. This is the case of IMMOGOLF which offers new programs in Vannes-Plescop and Auray. The acquisition of a new home is subject to lower notary fees amounting to 2% or 3% of the purchase price compared to about 7% in the old. By acquiring one or more new homes, you are insured. You will escape fatal risks. You will have many guarantees.

What is the reason to go through a real estate developer to be able to buy a brand new bed of good quality?

A brand new furniture developer is a professional in the field of real estate construction. As a result, he sells new, under construction or already built homes. With his knowledge and experience in the market and demand. Indeed, he can take initiatives to design new real estate offers. If you want to buy a property, especially a plot of land, as a real estate developer, the expert is in charge of being the negotiator between all the parties involved such as the financier, the project manager, the owner, etc. When you are looking for a real estate in Brittany, you will have no obstacles.

Why it is advantageous to buy a new home?

Buying a new apartment or house is a guarantee that you will get a house that is in good condition and ready to move into. By investing in a new home with a real estate agency, it is up to you to make the choice. You can personalize your image regarding your apartment. Other advantages, you will have the interest to acquire a comfortable and modern apartment. In addition, you will benefit from insurance and guarantees before and after delivery, not to mention the savings on energy costs. The notary fees will be reduced as well. With the agency Pierre Promotion, no more useless corridors, no more integrated storage space, no more optimized living spaces or interior volume. You can discover the Pierre Promotion housing. You will therefore have one or more parking spaces, or to design a balcony, as well as to make a terrace, or why not a private garden, etc. To present these properties which are still new and with high energy performance, the exposure of the building is optimized. The thermal and phonic insulation is reinforced. But concerning the heating side, individual gas and condensation boilers are installed. For the tenants, as well as the owners, it is the guarantee to make energy savings and to make his property respecting the thermal standards recently in force.

What are the advantages of investing in new properties?

Personalization, energy savings and comfort. These are the probable and obvious advantages when investing in new real estate. The new real estate is the euphoria of moving into a house or a dwelling where you would have chosen the floor, the walls, or even the tiles in the toilets and the bathroom. Moreover, when you buy a new apartment or a new house, you have the possibility of deforming, as you wish, the partitions, and adding sockets. You can also remove them. In short, you can design your home to measure. Still as an advantage, by acquiring in "new real estate" programs, you get the benefits of the latest standards concerning thermal regulation. Currently, approximately all programs meet the BBC or B√Ętiment Basse Consommation standard. The new thermal model RT 2012, on the other hand, is unavoidable for all building permits filed recently.
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