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The amount of time it takes to build a house usually depends on its size. However, other criteria can also come into play. There is the labor side. So how many people are employed on the site? In addition, one must also consider the amount of money needed to keep the project going in case of a shortage. However, it takes a person to ensure the smooth running of the site, from start to finish. Therefore, the real estate developer is the ideal person for this.

What does a real estate developer do?

If you are planning to buy a house, you can, of course, use a real estate developer. This way you can get a brand new property without having to make any repairs. The first thing that a real estate developer does is to find financing to be able to start a project. They actually take care of explaining how the construction will be done to the architects and various workers until the property is sold. All the constructions they supervise are, of course, put up for sale. He does not keep them for himself. However, currently, a new regulation has been introduced that all developers must follow.

The new regulations put into effect in the real estate field

The construction technique has evolved over time. Nowadays, the respect and protection of the environment are subjects that concern everyone, young and old. Thus, even in the field of construction and even in the activity of real estate development, a new law has been applied. Indeed, nowadays, real estate developers have to change a new technique for the construction of a property. The regulation states that it is important to ensure that the house is more environmentally friendly than the ones before. This is the Environmental Regulation, introduced in 2020, and whose main purpose is to protect nature. For more information, you can find everything you need on this website.

What exactly are the new regulations?

In the new regulation, some points are essentially to be respected to be able to start the construction of a building. First of all, the use of ecological materials is requested in the house under construction to decrease the rate of carbon emissions. In addition, it should be known that these buildings must have at least one source of renewable energy, which will be independent. Apart from that, the ozone layer is gradually beginning to thin. So, to reduce the risk of it being destroyed, new houses should no longer use gas for heating. So, whether it is an office, a private home or even a building, it is important to make sure that the construction emits less greenhouse gases. Of course, the houses built will be for the future generation. Thus, preserving nature will have the effect of offering them a healthier life.
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