Do architects work with construction companies?


Yes. Architects are not only permitted, but also capable of working in construction companies. Architects have adequate expertise in the details of the process of constructing buildings. Consequently, since they are well versed with this knowledge, numerous architects either own or work in these building firms. An ideal example of such companies is Atelier Architecture Croisette, the most credible building company Saint Jean Cap Ferrat.

Whenever we come across the term “architecture”, we begin to picture some of the most notable buildings we have visited or seen either in films or just on social media. Information such as their location, the year they were built and the number of floors they have may be well known to many. However, people barely know what it takes or the parties involved when these popular buildings or any other, are being constructed.

If you wish to grasp the particulars of architecture, there are a couple of basic terms that should be understood. For starters, you might have noticed that the terms architect and contractors are often used interchangeably. Both architects and contractors work in the same industry. However, these terms refer to distinct professionals whose roles in constructing buildings are quite different. Who is an architect?


An architect is an expert whose proficiency lies in designing, planning, and overseeing the building process of structures. Architects are the fundamental creatives responsible for fabricating drawings and assessing the feasibility of building projects. Conventionally, architects did this by hand but in the contemporary world, this has since changed. Owing to advanced technology, there is software that aids architects in creating these designs virtually.

Especially in the construction of high-end housing, architects work very closely with their clients. These clients to a large extent depend on architects to visualize their needs and create designs that are aligned with their preferences. For a client’s idea to come to life, architects are first required to generate a design before working with other experts for the project to be transformed into a reality that will be valuable to the client.

Role Of Architects in Building Companies

The role of architects is vital in the process of building new structures as well as the renovation of existing ones. Aside from being in charge of generating drawings and designs for building projects, architects are also responsible for:

1. Meeting and discussing projects’ particulars with clients.

Numerous adjustments require to be made before arriving at the final blueprint of a project. This involves multiple consultations with clients, to ensure that their needs are being fulfilled and are in line with their inclination. These discussions mainly cover the clients’ budget, attributes of the structures, and statutes that regulate building projects.

2. Taking care of the necessary documentation

Besides a project’s structural documentation, architects also need to prepare documentation for the electrical and mechanical systems of buildings. Some of the components of these documentations are instructions to other professionals who will be working on the project, such as contractors. This includes technical stipulations that may affect the project if any of the involved parties fail to follow them to the letter.

3. Estimating the cost of a project

Different phases of projects have different requirements. It is wise to take into consideration all the resources that come into play when developing a structure until it is fully functional. To avoid underestimating the cost, architects review the entire structure and assess all the expenses that the client will need to meet. As such the client will determine whether the set budget will be sufficient to meet all the costs.

4. Assessing contracts

These projects are quite comprehensive and multiple parties are incorporated. This implies that the clients have to deal with several contracts that must be keenly reviewed before getting to the final agreements. Architects assist clients in reviewing these contracts before hiring contractors who will be responsible for carrying out different activities regarding the project. The contracts mainly apply to the supply of building materials and hiring manual laborers. 

5. Supervision

Since architects are the secondary vision bearers of the projects, they need to be present as the structure is being constructed. They ensure that the plan is followed and in case of any problem, they are present to come up with a solution. As the work proceeds, some activities may require the architect’s approval before any action is taken. It is therefore key for the architect to be on the ground overseeing the project.

6. Assisting the clients to obtain certification from the authorities

Every state or region has a body under the government that regulates building activities. The authority ensures that the regulations are observed, failure to which a penalty is imposed. Therefore, there are permits that the client should have before getting started with constructing the structure. Since architects are more versed with these issues, it is their responsibility to follow up and ensure that all building activities have permits.

How Are These Roles Different from Those of a Contractor?

For a project to be successful, it requires several parties to play their part. Both architects and contractors are essential experts when building structures. A contractor is responsible for the actual bit of constructing a building. Contractors hire various professionals that make up the team that builds the projects such as masons, carpenters, electricians, and plumbers. 

Unlike architects who must be trained and licensed, contractors do not necessarily need to meet these requirements. Even so, having a degree in a relevant field enhances the chances of landing a job. However, these requirements vary depending on the region. Just because a contractor has been registered in a particular region, does not imply that the registration is viable in other regions as well.

With the roles of an architect laid out as well as their distinction from contractors, we can now tell why they are legible to work in building firms. If you are looking to build a luxury villa or any other kind of building, be sure to hire reliable architects. To see your dream come true, contracting a dependable construction company is a wise call.

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