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Published on : 29 July 20215 min reading time

The compulsory damage to work insurance must be subscribed by an individual, a developer and a syndicate. It comes into play to cover the cost of repairs in the event of damage or poor workmanship, without waiting for a court decision. What is the difference with the other guarantees ? How to choose the right contract?

What exactly is the work damage insurance ?

All the owners must subscribe to a work damage insurance for private individuals before the beginning of the building site. Therefore, even a private individual who builds or renovates his house is required to respect this legal obligation. This guarantee takes effect one year after the handing over of the keys and expires at the end of the decennial insurance for private individuals. Even if the property is resold, it is still in force in order to protect the successive owners.

The damage to work guarantee covers the defects on the structural works which could compromise the solidity of the building, and even those resulting from a ground defect. On the other hand, damage caused by normal wear and tear or by the insured is excluded, as well as damage caused by a fire or a disaster. Moving parts are also not covered.

In the event of a problem, the insurers undertake to pay the amount of the repairs immediately, or more precisely within a maximum of 3 months. Thereafter, they will take care of finding the responsible parties, a procedure that can take years. It should be noted that the DO and the decennial insurance are complementary. To find the best offer of insurance for private individuals, go to

What are the advantages of the insurance damage work?

In the event of a claim, thanks to the insurance damage work for individual, the insured can benefit from a fast refund, at the latest in the three months following the date of declaration. The amount is without deductible and it is not necessary to wait for the decision of the court to determine who is responsible. In short, the funds are released quickly.

According to the legal provisions, the insurer has 60 days to decide on the claim and 90 days to propose compensation. To do so, it will send a professional to carry out an expertise. The latter will then draw up a report that will be given to the insured, indicating the amount of compensation to be paid. The owner has the right to refuse the offer twice. Otherwise, the settlement must be made within 15 days of receiving the acceptance letter.

The company can demand compensation by turning against the insurer of the builder responsible for the loss. If the two parties do not find common ground, the dispute may be brought before the court.

What is the price of an insurance damage work?

If you use a builder of individual house, normally the insurance damage work particular is included automatically in the contract CCMI. On the other hand, if you sign a project management contract, you should find your own insurer. In some cases, the company can take care of all the steps for you. Thanks to its network, it can make you benefit from a preferential rate.

The price of the damage to work costs between 6 and 7% of the amount of the work if it is an individual contract. The premium will also be fixed according to several criteria: the qualification of the builders, the subscription of optional guarantee… The payment is made in one time.

If you want to take out a private damage insurance policy, you must fill in a questionnaire detailing the risks. You will also need the insurance certificates of the companies you have hired. However, be aware that if you’ve hired a firm that has a history of problems with insurance companies, your chances are slim. In any case, you can always take your case to the Central Underwriting Office or use a broker if you keep getting rejected.

How to choose your OD insurance online?

These days, it is possible to find a self-build insurance company online. To be safe, you should choose a recommended provider. It is a guarantee of seriousness and transparency. If you have any doubts, read the reviews of other customers and check the satisfaction rate.

By going through a broker on the web, you can save time in your research. You just have to fill in the quote request form and he will do the rest to find an offer corresponding to your criteria at the best price. You will receive a quick response (within a few hours) and the list of necessary supporting documents will be attached to the email. But before making a choice, take the time to compare each insurance policy.

Be careful! It is important to take stock of the broker’s remuneration before making a commitment. If you have any questions or would like clarification on certain subjects, do not hesitate to contact the client advisor.

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