House construction: alone or with a developer?

You have the project to build a house? You have two options: contact a developer who offers a turnkey construction or build on your own through an architect who will study the project and design a personalized house plan. Which is the best solution to choose?

Realizing a house construction project

You wish to concretize your project of construction of an individual house and you wonder if you are going to opt for a construction house alone or with a promoter. If you have not yet purchased a plot of land, you can ask a developer about the different options available. The developer will offer you the opportunity to purchase a property in a new construction program. Generally, real estate developers have a catalog in which the potential client can see the range of turnkey houses that they propose to build or that are already under construction. Here, it is a question of a purchase of property in VEFA (Sale in Future State of Completion), still called purchase on plan. If you have already purchased a plot of land, you can always call on a developer, but you can also go through an architect who will draw up a personalized house plan taking into consideration your needs, your tastes, your desires and your budget. Note that it is mandatory to use an architect if the house is larger than 150 m². These two options allow you to build the house of your dreams with a personalized layout and the materials of your choice.

Obtaining a building permit

Whether you choose to build a house alone or without a developer, you must go through the building permit process and complete a series of rather tedious and complicated administrative steps. Going through a developer offers the advantage that he will take care of putting together a complete file including all the necessary documents such as a ground plan, a location plan of the land, a section plan and a construction plan. Note that it is mandatory to wait for the building permit before starting the work.

Finding the right developer

Some individuals who are hesitating between building a house alone or with a developer also wonder if self-building is a feasible solution. Building your own home involves many sacrifices, but also the need to have serious building skills. By approaching a real estate developer, you will have more peace of mind. This professional will supervise and control the construction site in its different phases of evolution. Moreover, you should not forget that at the end of the construction site, you will benefit from the ten-year guarantee in the event of a construction defect. It remains to choose a good real estate developer to avoid bad surprises. Choose a serious professional. Check his expertise and the quality of his services.
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