How to choose your gate?

Whether for a renovation or a new construction, a gate must be practical and secure because it is used several times a day and the occupants of the premises must feel well protected. Swing or sliding gate, motorized or manual opening, it's up to you to make the right choice.

Finding the right gate

The gate is an integral part of a property's fence and is also the first image of the premises that visitors perceive. From modern aluminum to classic wrought iron, the gate of your dreams is waiting for you. Select one of the B'Plast gates and imagine it in your outdoor space. For the choice of a gate, the material is very important and it is a question of combining budget, style, aesthetics, practice and durability. An aluminum gate and a PVC gate are good choices because they are practical, aesthetic, light and do not require maintenance. It is also possible to combine PVC with an aluminum reinforcement if you live in a particularly windy area. When it comes to design, the options are almost unlimited and a gate can be simple or ornate, large or small, so it's up to each individual to choose a gate model that suits their taste and budget.

Manual or motorized system

In fact, it is all a matter of budget and it is possible to opt for a more affordable manual model that will be equipped with a motorized system later on. A motorized gate controlled remotely from the house or car is the ideal solution because it is practical and offers maximum security to its users. Ask a gate expert to draw up a personalized estimate that takes into account the configuration of the premises. He will advise you on whether to choose a swing or sliding model, taking into account the space available. A flashing light indicates to passers-by that the gate is open when a house is on a public road. The advice of a gate professional makes it easier to choose your gate and to benefit from a quality installation.

Choose a model with good value for money

The price of a gate varies according to the material. Choosing an aluminum or PVC gate allows you to benefit from a wide choice of design and colors. Manufacturers offer a wide range of standard gates, but choosing a custom-made gate allows you to have the installation of your dreams in terms of aesthetics, practicality and security.
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