How to design your kitchen?

Everyone dreams of a beautiful, functional and well-designed kitchen, because it is a convivial place in the house where we often spend a lot of time. A well-designed kitchen is pleasant to live in and has a great impact on daily life. So many good reasons to think and design well.

Designing a new kitchen

Whether you are creating a new kitchen or renovating an existing one, it is essential to include a cooking area, a sink, storage units, a refrigerator, an oven, as many work surfaces, and a table or personalized layout for eating if you plan to eat in the kitchen. The furniture must be placed judiciously as well as the table and the cooking area to avoid incessant comings and goings, waste of time and make the space functional. It is important to design your kitchen well, because you don't change it from year to year! It is essential to design a kitchen plan that avoids crossing the entire space when you want to go from one place to another, for example from the sink to the trash can or the refrigerator. Kitchen designers use the expression "activity triangle" by which they mean, the cooktop, the refrigerator and the sink.

Optimize the available space

Not everyone has a large kitchen and that is why space must be optimized to the maximum. Designing your kitchen in a friendly and functional way will allow you to enjoy a pleasant space for the whole family. It is essential to take into account the location of openings (doors and windows) and electrical outlets when designing your future kitchen. If you want to completely change the configuration of the space to create a completely new environment, you can remove a partition to enlarge the room, create an open or semi-open kitchen and thus open up a whole new perspective to the kitchen space.

Integrate an island into your kitchen

Just because a kitchen is small doesn't mean you shouldn't install an island, which is so practical as a kitchen table, for storage or as a work surface, or all three at the same time! Designing your kitchen also means imagining lots of tricks, getting inspiration from decorating magazines to create a personalized, designed and functional space. You can also call on a kitchen specialist to get all the ideas you need and choose a layout that matches your desires and budget!
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