To build a house in the 44

The house building in the 44 is in the heart of the region with a strong agricultural tradition, generally turning to an aeronautical, naval and automotive construction. Therefore, it is necessary to find a house builder in the place, in order to enjoy in return a privileged quality of life in the city center.

Loire-Atlantique: a young, attractive and pleasant place to live

In general, the Loire-Atlantique is a department located in the Pays de la Loire region between Morbihan, Maine-et-Loire, Ille-et-Vilaine, and Vendée. It offers a very privileged setting to people who wish to build their own modern house. It is a department between ocean and bocage. The Loire-Atlantique (44) is actually a young and very attractive territory. It is a pleasant place to live, because the people who are there and wish to build modern houses could take advantage of a mild climate and especially of a certain dynamism, which does not finish attracting new inhabitants every year. The latter are seduced by its flourishing economy and its quality of life. In terms of job creation, the economic growth of the Loire-Atlantique is prosperous. In comparison to other sectors of activity, such as industry, construction and the service sector, there has been a significant increase in employment recently. Thus, its attractiveness has been measured by tourism. In particular, the sites that attract more visitors are: the Bouffay district, the Pommeray passage and the Dukes of Brittany castle. As a result, tourists actually wish to recognize the vineyards of the country of Ancenis, the sandy beaches of Le Baule, the salt marshes of Guérande, or the forests of Saint-Brévin-les-Pins. Moreover, to build a house 44, this dynamic city (of the seaside and the metropolis) is a good idea on the cultural and economic level. This department has a wealth of villages and a network of medium-sized cities, which will mainly seduce different families. Indeed, it enjoys geographical advantages and also a dynamic and young population.

To make build its house in the 44

To realize a project of construction of modern houses, single-storey or double-storey, it would be necessary to have a broad choice of building lots, in particular on the whole department of the Loire -Atlantique. Thus, it would be necessary to bring a small personal attention on the area of Nantes metropolis and also on the neighboring communes (Saint-Julien-de-Concelles, Mauves-sur-Loire, Oudon, Le Cellier, La Remaudière or Carquefou). To be able to build a new individual house, it is essential to call upon a house builder 44, who is a professional in the construction of a house. Consequently, a house builder should listen to his customers, in order to answer perfectly to his needs and expectations. Indeed, to have a tailor-made accompaniment is really important to ensure the realization of its construction project. The owner of the project, or the project manager, could choose the appropriate style according to his wish, for example: a contemporary house, a traditional house, or a bioclimatic house... If he wishes to be accompanied by a professional, he will benefit from a guarantee so that he will be quiet during several years without constraint in his new house. Moreover, when choosing a building plot, it is important to first define your specific needs, the choice of materials, the design of the plans, the preparation of your financing file, etc. For the construction of a single-storey house, it mainly meets the needs of safety and comfort for each member of the family (especially the elderly, children ...). And for the construction of a house on one floor, it allows to offer to the family the necessary volumes of life.

Where to build your new house in Loire - Atlantique ?

The location of the construction of your future home is one of the elements to take into account when building a house in 44. Indeed, the Loire-Atlantique is one of the different departments that offer a large number of advantages. The owner should thus find a place where he will feel good to live, this according to his situation, his objectives of life, his aspirations and his tastes. In addition, Nantes offers an ideal living environment and is one of the most interesting French cities. It is generally endowed with a preserved environment and a good cultural and economic vitality. Also, it offers great possibilities to live there, whether in one of its 24 communes (composing its gathering) or in its very city center. However, the Loire-Atlantique is only summarized in its metropolis and Nantes. But the community of its department is also attractive (vineyards, the Atlantic coast or the banks of the Loire). If the person wishes to live near the ocean, it is necessary to know that the building lots will be more appreciated and become clearer. Logically, the price of the land could increase, but on the other hand the surface of the land will decrease. That is to say, the further away the land is from the Nantes metropolis and the coastline, the cheaper it becomes.

Means of communication in Loire-Atlantique

By building a house in the 44 region, project owners have the opportunity to find a friendly roof over their heads, precisely in a location that is easy to access and very quiet. It is enough to cross, for example, the A11 and A83 highways, which are the department associated with Rennes, Paris and Niort, Angers and Bordeaux. Locally and nationally, the movement of Mariligerians will be done by a huge bus network, with more than sixty railway stations, which are scattered over the existing territories. Also, Nantes is connected to Lyon thanks to the TGV, and also to Grenoble, Marseille, Lille, Montpellier or Strasbourg. Moreover, the Nantes-Atlantique airport offers to the people who live there an opening on the international.
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