What are the missions of a technical controller in construction?

The execution of the construction work is technically under the control of a project manager or a technical controller in construction. The latter plays an important role in the execution phase of the work. He spends his time checking and controlling the technical progress of the work, the technical standards adapted by the company and the workers executing the work. The technical control is a mandatory phase for any construction that has had an authorization and building permit via the competent authority or municipality. But what do we mean by technical control first of all? What is a technical control? What are the missions of a technical controller in construction?

What is technical control?

The technical control is an organized and legal procedure which consists in carrying out critical examinations of all the technical provisions taken in a construction project. It is a technically based analysis of the risks that can cause hazards and damages that affect the execution of construction or rehabilitation works. It is a technical construction control that aims to improve and remedy the anomalies found, the technical defects seen considered as reserves to repair. The sps coordination is also part of the safety controls. The technical control consists in checking the solidity of the works, controlling the foundations and the elements that constitute the elevation of the walls and other equipment related to the construction. It is a control and verification that also consists in the security of the individuals, respects and applications of the regulatory dispositions of material and corporal security. It is the same for the accessibilities of the individuals who have physical handicaps. The latter should benefit from adequate accesses favorable to their physical appearance and displacement. All this requires the intervention of a professional controller in construction. But what is a technical controller? Click here for more information.

What is a technical controller?

A technical controller is a natural person who has undergone adequate training, with the appropriate skills to be able to carry out checks on construction. It is an individual who has undergone appropriate training to practice the profession of a technical controller in construction. The technical controller is a real estate technician, capable of carrying out under the authorization of a project owner the control of a construction. It is a professional approved by the minister in charge of construction. He is a professional who usually works in a building control office or in an agency or company specialized in construction. A technical controller is chosen technically by a client for his competence, his experiences. The technical controller is a verifier of the solidity of the works, of the existing. He is a responsible verifier of the devices and/or tools concerning the safety of a house and/or a building under construction or renovation. In general, he checks and verifies all the essential elements that guarantee safety. His technical control mission is generally conditioned and requested by a real estate professional.

What are the missions of a technical controller?

A technical inspector has a very specific technical control mission. The technical controller is in charge of listing all the anomalies noted concerning the construction. The technical controller in construction intervenes following the request which emanates from the owner. He shares the findings observed during the inspection with the client. His opinion concerns especially the problems which touch the solidity of the work and the safety of the workers and others. Like the sps coordinator, the technical controller also intervenes on construction sites. The professional and experienced technical controller must officially report to the client at the end of his control. The latter must establish a report to the owner, mentioning all his observations and suggestions concerning the repair and rework with the help of a technician.
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