What is a gutter and why use it?

The gutter is a decorative architectural feature. But it is also very useful: it moves rainwater. The resulting circulation network can even store large amounts of water for eventual reuse. Gutters have many appearances, depending on their purpose. It can be made of synthetic material (PVC), terracotta. But what is a gutter? Why install a gutter? Why use a professional to install a gutter?

What is a gutter?

A gutter is a pipe used to collect rainwater and drain it to the gutters or gargoyles. In popular imagery, gutters are often confused with gutters. The gutter can be located against the entire wall or on a portion of the wall to help drain rainwater to one or more drains. Over the years, the gutter has undergone many changes in its constituent materials, if previously it was mainly made of wood sprinkled with lead or terracotta, currently it is made of copper, PVC or aluminum. The gutter can be used in various types of houses, mainly used to drain rainwater in a clean and efficient way. Therefore, among other means, it can effectively fight against moisture problems. The gutter belonging to the roof drainage system that is commonly connected to the sewers where all the rainwater drained. This equipment is an important part of the drainage system. That is why the choice of the gutter must meet multiple standards and its installation must be done by professionals. This will avoid the risk of rainwater infiltration and leaks on the roof. For more information, please visit this site batiment-construction-renovation.fr

Why install a gutter?

By installing a gutter at the bottom of the roof, the problem of water infiltration in your dwelling can be prevented, because the rainwater is evacuated through a downspout. In this way, you can get rid of the risk of attacking the wall earlier. Indeed, if the downspout is not put in place, the water will immediately flow to the exterior wall of the house, causing the wall structure to soften and mold. The strength of the material used to produce the gutter determines its resistance to water density. The better the material is consistent, the better the conduit is effective. This can save money by reducing water bills. Gutters collect rainwater, which can be used for planting, for example. Gutters also add aesthetic appeal to your home. Even if you live in a house with an old structure, it is possible to use gutters made of stone, terracotta or wood. This is a better way to decorate your home at the same time.

Why call a professional to install the gutter?

It is essential to specify that the installation of a gutter requires a specific and adapted equipment as well as a knowledgeable skill. Indeed, it is a technical and delicate work that can protect the house from the danger of water penetration through the roof. Therefore, it is recommended to use the services of a proven expertise for a good installation. The gutter is installed at the bottom of the wall so that rainwater can be better collected and drained. It is connected to the bottom of the sink on either side of the two ends, and is connected to each other by vertical pipes for rainwater drainage. In addition to waterproofing, to avoid leakage or risk of infiltration, the size of the drain should be the same as the roof side. It is an integral part of the roof drainage system, so it must be installed properly to fully perform its function. The system can be installed in two ways. It can be installed with a fixed or non-fixed width reduction or without reduction by placing it on all the pillars of the building. This device can be recessed, i.e. between the two sides, or between a wall and a side.

Gutter Maintenance in the Residential Environment

Maintenance is essential to keep the gutter in perfect working order. In the residential world, special attention must be paid to the time of the end of the fall leaves. You must therefore eliminate the accumulation of moss fallen from the roof, large insects, pine needles, branches, dead leaves, etc. This maintenance is also an opportunity to check the general condition of your installation (corrosion of metal grooves, strength of hooks, etc.). This is very important: clogged gutters, especially when they are embedded in cornices, are one of the most common causes of water infiltration in homes. And it's usually the most difficult to diagnose. Roof-to-roof overflow often compounds the situation or when the gutter is not installed properly.
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