Who to call to build your house?

Published on : 29 July 20213 min reading time

France? It is known for the multitude of artistic beauties that surround it. For example: Paris, its capital, is famous for its fashion houses. The dream of every Frenchman is to have a beautiful house, whether it is by the lake, in town, etc. Building your home on a subdivision or isolated lot requires certain construction skills. That being said, it is a task that must be entrusted to a building construction professional. So who should you trust to build your home?

A builder: turnkey

Building a house is a very complex task that requires the intervention of a professional house builder. Thus, to avoid unpleasant surprises at the time of the construction, it is recommended to resort to a builder. It takes care, obviously, of the totality of the service. A builder who is a member of the LCA-FFB (Les Constructeurs et Aménageurs de la Fédération française du Bâtiment) is the most reliable and meets certain quality criteria. From the choice of the teams to their supervision, the builder assumes full responsibility. The company will present you with house models from which you will choose. That said, your building will be standardized, but at an attractive price. Eventually, the builder will likely customize the interior of your home to some degree. Throughout the construction process, access to the site is subject to regulations. The CCMI plays a very important role in the construction guarantee and delivery date, which will be an advantage for you. Once the work is completed, the keys to the property will be handed over to you.

A house made to measure with an architect

If you dream of having a unique and unparalleled house, entrusting your home to an architect is an alternative. During the construction you will be in contact with different interlocutors. As an architect, he must work on the aesthetics of your home. The quality and structure of the spaces are his priorities. To satisfy your expectations is his motto. In addition, you will be free to visit the site at any time during working hours. On the other hand, the delivery date is not guaranteed, and unlike the builder, the price is expensive and variable. However, as a designer, the architect is a professional in house construction.

Personalize your house by choosing a master builder

Like an architect, a master builder is a home construction professional who can customize your project. He is rather technical and is able to take charge of the plans as well as manage the entire construction. He has a satisfactory operating system that meets your expectations. Both designer and advisor, the design office is recommended for your construction project. Since it is self-trained and does not have a diploma, which is the case of an architect, it is wise to take certain precautions (contract of hiring of work).

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