How to choose your windows?

Today's windows are equipped with highly innovative technology. And these new ranges make your home more energy efficient. They are weather and wind resistant. Over the years, the vagaries of the weather will undoubtedly have a negative impact on the windows. However, if they are damaged beyond repair (especially if there is water damage to the sash or casing), you should consider replacing the windows, as poorly functioning openings can cause more serious problems.

Choose your window materials

When choosing your windows, there are several options in terms of materials: wood, aluminum, vinyl and fiberglass. Wood frames are best for remodeling, and models can match existing windows to save money. Wood window frames can be replaced to update a drafty window, but they require a bit more maintenance. Still, they offer a classic look. For an older home to retain its original style, wood windows are often the only option. Paneled windows have an aluminum or vinyl shell. They are most often used in new construction and are attached with nailing flanges that fit under the siding material. The siding can be made of aluminum in a roll form with a thickness of a soda can or extruded aluminum. To help you make the right choice, it is recommended to call B'plast. Vinyl clad windows are available in a variety of colors and do not require as much maintenance as wood windows (and do not need painting). They are not as aesthetically pleasing, but they are less expensive and provide good insulation. Fiberglass composite windows are stronger than vinyl. However, they are slightly more expensive.

Choose a window style that's up to date

Choosing a window style may depend on your personal preference, but is also about the design of the house and the style. Here are the different types of windows. - Casement windows Casement windows pivot on hinges located on the side of the window frame, which means they open like doors. They are generally wider and offer ventilation from top to bottom. In addition, they offer an unobstructed view, as well as a more contemporary and modern look. - Hung windows They slide up and down and offer a traditional look. Modern double-hung windows have a spring-loaded mechanism. - Sliding Windows Like a sliding window, they are less expensive and require little maintenance, but they do not provide as much ventilation because only half the window can be opened. They provide an unobstructed view like casement windows. - Bay Windows Bay windows offer a contemporary look and can help expand (and feel) a room. They're perfect for breakfast nooks, giving the dining room more room to breathe, or simply adding a place for the dogs to lie down.

Buy and install your custom windows

When it's finally time to buy your windows, be sure to check the thickness of the wall before ordering to get a custom window. Manufacturers are able to customize the frame jambs to match the wall construction. So remember to measure the width of the jamb on an existing door or window. Pre-hung windows come with finished frames and can be inserted in one piece into the rough opening left by the old window. Once the old window has been removed, measure the approximate size of the opening and make sure to purchase a new one that fits. Most windows must be custom ordered several weeks in advance. Don't be too confident about the delivery schedule. It is extremely risky to clear existing windows before your new windows are delivered. Delays in delivery could cost you dearly.
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