Why buy a pergola?

You want to renovate your garden and at the same time have a shelter to relax? Or in your garden the climbing plants do not have their place, but you do not want to remove them? The solution is the purchase of a pergola which is both a decoration and a way to give a touch of elegance to your garden.

The lean-to pergola

There are currently two types of pergola, the lean-to pergola and the freestanding pergola. For the one called "lean-to", which is also called wall-mounted pergola, it is a device attached to the front of the house. The posts that hold it are 2 to 3 apart from the fixation on the facade, forming according to your taste a square rectangular shape and many others. It is absolutely suitable for installation on a terrace. The cost of this type of pergola is reduced thanks to the reduced posts and it becomes affordable. It is less bulky and no additional work is required to support its structure. It is well possible to choose a custom lean-to pergola for your deck on the website www.bplast.fr with the materials you want. You can choose a material while mixing materials to realize your lean-to pergola.

The self-supporting pergola

This type of pergola is also called self-supporting or independent pergola. Because it has 4 feet fixed in the ground. It can be placed anywhere in your garden. It is easily placed in the heart of your garden with imposition of its form according to your tastes, for the development of this device in an intimate and welcoming corner. Different materials can be combined in this pergola like wood, wrought iron according to your preferences and styles, aluminum or PVC. You can choose a material or combine them according to your inspiration and budget.

The life span of a pergola

A pergola lasts longer with parameters to make its life optimal. The construction materials according to their structure influence this life span. It is therefore necessary to consider maintaining the materials. On average a pergola lives 5 years for the PVC model, but for the wooden or iron models it lives more than fifteen years. The one with the longest life span is the aluminum one. But treat the wood every three years against moisture and insects, maintain by anti-rust for the iron, water is enough for the PVC and aluminum.
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